Official Blizzard March 2009 Post

OK, since I’ve had requests for pictures and video, this will be the post that I will update. If  you have any video/links/pictures of your own, email me at

So here’s the first video. I took it while I was coming back from breakfast. The snow on my face felt like needles. It’s very cold and sharp.

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UPDATE 9:21a: And, for those of you who are wondering: “All is well, at the Roger Maris Museum”.

UPDATE 9:26a: MAT Bus has decided to stop service at 11:15am. ALL F/M bus service will stop.

UPDATE 11:58a: I added another video. This was facing north between Sevrinson Hall and the West Dining Center. Very very snowy.

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UPDATE 1:10p: I’ve added pictures now, and will be adding more to the slideshow as the day goes on.

UPDATE 4:12p: This video was shot just outside the east door of Sevrinson Hall. The door swung open while I was shooting it, hence the sudden angle change. Very cold and very windy.

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UPDATE 5:11p: NDSU has updated their Weather Information page. It now states that “Status of campus opening on Wednesday yet undetermined.” A decision is going to be made tonight or early tomorrow morning on whether or not classes will be held. My bet? I say that classes are canceled before 12p. Campus will re-open at 12p and classes after that will be held. Anyone else have any ideas?

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