iOS has a time problem

I was adding a calendar event today, I noticed that there were two “12” options, but I have my device in 24-hour time. It takes away the AM/PM…and that’s it. Take a look at the picture, it’ll blow your mind.


I have this simple Facebook app, and now I’m going to try it. If you found this from Facebook, congrats! If not, oh well.

Picasa Playground

I’m attempting to find the best way to bring some of the pictures from Picasa into WordPress. So far, I have only been able to do one gallery and a page. We’ll see how this goes…

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] 2010-12-26 12.30.03.jpg2010-12-28 12.47.21.jpgP1010921.JPGP1010945.JPGP1010952.JPGP1010981.JPGP1010986.JPGP1010995.JPGP1020006.JPGP1020011.JPGP1020016.JPGP1020019.JPGP1020044.JPGP1020058.JPG2010-12-29 18.44.49.jpg2010-12-30 11.13.10.jpg2010-12-30 11.13.41.jpg2010-12-30 14.09.15.jpg2010-12-30 14.11.05.jpg2010-12-30 14.11.21.jpg2010-12-30 14.11.50.jpg2010-12-30 14.12.17.jpg2010-12-30 14.12.51.jpg2010-12-30 14.12.58.jpg2010-12-30 14.13.12.jpg2010-12-30 14.17.26.jpg2010-12-30 14.17.32.jpg2010-12-30 14.17.51.jpg2010-12-30 14.18.04.jpg2010-12-30 14.18.27.jpg2010-12-30 14.18.50.jpg2010-12-30 14.19.16.jpg2010-12-30 14.19.23.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

From somewhere in the air

Google offered free wireless Internet on all Delta flights for the holiday season. When I heard about this, I figured with the mass number of people traveling that the service would be near unusable. Apparently I was wrong. Here I am, quite a few feet in the air, blogging away on my iPod.

As I walked back to use the lavatory, I noticed that a good portion of the passengers were using their laptops online. People were checking email, playing on Facebook, and even getting some work done. I was able to check my flight information to know the updated arrival time as well as the current location we are flying over. Very useful information.

Another really nice thing I’ve been enjoying on this trip is having an Android smartphone. It has made me feel far more connected than I usually am when I travel. On there I could get email while filling up on some so-so breakfast. I think it will be very cool to have it out in the canyon we’re going to, bringing up maps and instantly sending pictures to Picasa or Facebook.

I am having an OK Christmas so far. I’ll be glad when the first part of travel is over. I’ve never been the biggest fan of air travel, and I’ll be darn happy when we finally land.

Well this has killed some time. About 50 minutes to go before we are at the gate. Back to Skee-Ball and music.

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Best Buy/Virgin Mobile problems

Today I was scorned by bad customer service from both Virgin Mobile and Best Buy. I’m not sure who to blame, or what I really should do in this situation.

After a ton of research, and many years of having a feature phone, I decided to go out and purchase the Samsung Intercept, which has recently been adopted by Virgin Mobile. This is their first Android-powered phone and was just recently released. I went out to my local Target store, as they were supposed to have them before other retail outlets. Both of the Targets in my metro area were sold out, and had no ETA. Annoyed, I visited the nearby Radio Shack thinking that they would have it in stock. Alas, they didn’t even seem to carry it. Finally, as a last-ditch effort, I visited Best Buy. They had a whole shelf of them (well, more like a peg, but you get the picture). I checked them over, and asked a sales associate to pull one off the padlocked peg and ring it up. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn’t actually witness the sales associate scan the barcode for the activation. After rushing out to the car, I opened the package, pulled out the phone, powered it up, and attempted to activate. I already had a Virgin Mobile account, figuring it would be a trivial process to switch to this new phone.

The activation failed, stating that I needed to call customer service. Disappointed, I drove back home and tried again. No luck. I had a meeting to run to, so I decided to put off the CS call until later. When I got home, I called customer service, after trying to activate online and receiving the same message, and spoke with “Alex,” my virtual advisor. Alex was no help. “He” basically kept me from a Live Advisor, which the error messages kept pointing me to. After four calls with no luck, I finally looked up the shortcut to a human, which worked. Once I got to a human, I read back the numbers again, and he also received an error message, though this one more specific. He told me that my phone showed that it hadn’t been activated at Best Buy. Angry now, I called Best Buy where I purchased the phone and asked for the mobile department. I explained the situation, was put on hold, and then was told, “Those phones may not be able to activate until October 24th.” To which I replied, “What???”

I ventured back to Best Buy, brought in all the parts of the deadly plastic packaging, the charger/cable and phone, walked up to the mobile counter and explained the situation again. I was told by a nice manager that there was basically nothing I could do other than return the phone (which seemed futile since I’d be back after the 24th to get a new one) or just wait until the 24th when “maybe” it will activate. So far, keeping it is my plan unless someone tells me otherwise. I have decided on the phone, and don’t want to go through the chargeback process if I can avoid it. I also made sure that I can return the phone within thirty days, so if I can’t ever get this thing activated, I can just return it or exchange it.


wootofflolcatBy popular request, ZOMG THERE’S A WOOT-OFF GOING ON!

My favorite woot tracker, was down this morning, so just head on over to for the latest item.

Stoplight Controller

Today, I built a stoplight controller. Why? Because it was my homework.

Today, I built a stoplight controller. Why? Because it was my homework.