Quick Update

I have now activated PingPressFM, which is a nifty plugin that will update all of my sites. I hope that it works properly.

And, being productive, I’m using this opportunity to test it out.

IMPORTANT! You should read this…

The city of Fargo will be putting into effect a travel ban soon (midnight CDT 3-27) and will cut off volunteers from going to the Dome and Sandbag Central. It is IMPERATIVE that any NDSU student able bodied goes to the Fargodome to make sandbags. The river is coming up so fast that we need help.

From the beach…

I’m currently on the beach. Sitting typing away on my laptop. I got a wifi signal from an unprotected linksys AP, probably from the many residences and hotels around this area. I’ll post more later, pictures included. Though the WIFI here is much better than the stuff in the hotel.

Weather where I am: here

Official Blizzard March 2009 Post

OK, since I’ve had requests for pictures and video, this will be the post that I will update. If  you have any video/links/pictures of your own, email me at andrew@andrewrlynch.com.

So here’s the first video. I took it while I was coming back from breakfast. The snow on my face felt like needles. It’s very cold and sharp.

This text will be replaced

UPDATE 9:21a: And, for those of you who are wondering: “All is well, at the Roger Maris Museum”.

UPDATE 9:26a: MAT Bus has decided to stop service at 11:15am. ALL F/M bus service will stop.

UPDATE 11:58a: I added another video. This was facing north between Sevrinson Hall and the West Dining Center. Very very snowy.

This text will be replaced

UPDATE 1:10p: I’ve added pictures now, and will be adding more to the slideshow as the day goes on.

UPDATE 4:12p: This video was shot just outside the east door of Sevrinson Hall. The door swung open while I was shooting it, hence the sudden angle change. Very cold and very windy.

This text will be replaced

UPDATE 5:11p: NDSU has updated their Weather Information page. It now states that “Status of campus opening on Wednesday yet undetermined.” A decision is going to be made tonight or early tomorrow morning on whether or not classes will be held. My bet? I say that classes are canceled before 12p. Campus will re-open at 12p and classes after that will be held. Anyone else have any ideas?

Header change

So I got bored yesterday, and decided to change the header on ARL.com. I basically took the default template’s banner, overlaid a picture of the sky I took, and uploaded it back to the site. Let me know what you think in the comments.


The general consensus from everyone I talked to today is that this week has been tiring. I’m just now starting to feel that way. All day I’ve been exhausted, but haven’t really done much work. Except maybe the 4 hours spent working on a robot. But even then, by 11am, I was trashed. Not even caffeine would pep me up. At least maybe I’ll sleep well tonight for that test I have tomorrow.