From somewhere in the air

Google offered free wireless Internet on all Delta flights for the holiday season. When I heard about this, I figured with the mass number of people traveling that the service would be near unusable. Apparently I was wrong. Here I am, quite a few feet in the air, blogging away on my iPod.

As I walked back to use the lavatory, I noticed that a good portion of the passengers were using their laptops online. People were checking email, playing on Facebook, and even getting some work done. I was able to check my flight information to know the updated arrival time as well as the current location we are flying over. Very useful information.

Another really nice thing I’ve been enjoying on this trip is having an Android smartphone. It has made me feel far more connected than I usually am when I travel. On there I could get email while filling up on some so-so breakfast. I think it will be very cool to have it out in the canyon we’re going to, bringing up maps and instantly sending pictures to Picasa or Facebook.

I am having an OK Christmas so far. I’ll be glad when the first part of travel is over. I’ve never been the biggest fan of air travel, and I’ll be darn happy when we finally land.

Well this has killed some time. About 50 minutes to go before we are at the gate. Back to Skee-Ball and music.

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