Water, Water, Everywhere

Undoubtedly you’ve heard of the flooding going on in Fargo, and throughout North Dakota and Western Minnesota. To be honest, living here, it’s quite scary. Reports are coming in at this point (3pm Wed Mar 25) that the river will reach 41 feet. As a guideline, the highest the river has been since records have been kept is 40.1 feet. The devestating flood of 1997 reached a record crest of 39.57 feet. Here, on the National Weather Service’s River Information page, which has probably received more hits than Google in the past week, the river currently stands at 35.86 ft.

If you haven’t volunteered yet, go out and help someone. I felt rather guilty until I went and volunteered. It was hard work, but was extremely rewarding. To see all those people at the Fargodome filling sandbag after sandbag was amazing. I saw kids, students, parents, even grandparents grabbing a shovel and working.

If you have any pictures (DON’T go and get some, sightseers will be thrown in jail) let me know in a comment.


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