Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22

  • huzzah for Gnome widgets. I just tricked out my panel! Oh, and will be posting to the blog soon #
  • will be consuming vast amounts of food this week. And is totally OK with that. #
  • “Is this like Oprah?” “No, but I’m pretty sure she’s a man” #
  • will be in Tampa for the day. #
  • is quite tired after a long day at the beach and a play and getting lost #
  • will be going to SeaWorld today. #
  • will NOT be going to SeaWorld today. Going tomorrow. #
  • is in fact going to SeaWorld today. Today being Friday. #
  • has been having issues uploading pics to and guesses he’ll fix it later. #
  • will be relaxing this last day in Orlando #
  • all I have to say is all of me hurts. #
  • feels severely distracted #

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