Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • is having a terrible day #
  • will be listening to the scanner…all day #
  • Blizzard Info: #
  • thinks NDSU should wait til noon. WF and MHD have cancelled, FPS and NDSU should follow suit. #
  • hats off to the guy who called in to KFGO asking for FPS to cancel. #
  • early morning…sleepy….idk why i do this #
  • hates hw #
  • should get up and go to work, and then class #
  • says that you shouldn’t mess with something that has just been messed with. Yes, FB, I’m talking about you. #
  • just realized that its Pi Day! #
  • is now less than 24 hours from Orlando #
  • has to run an errand or two, and then is flying to Orlando! #
  • is in MPLS at the airport, awaiting a flight to ORLANDO! #
  • is in an AWESOME resort in FL. #

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