Arizona, Part 1

2010-12-25 13.35.54.jpgIf you didn’t already know, I’m in Arizona for a week or so. While I’m here, I’ve been trying to take as many pictures as possible with both my Android phone and my digital camera. I’ve been uploading them in the mornings to a Picasa gallery. The gallery is located here.

Christmas time


Its that time of year again. Presents, decorated trees, and the like. This year, I’ll be going down to Arizona for the holidays. I’ve loaded up my phone with a couple of good travel apps. I hope to take plenty of pictures and send them back via Picasa and Facebook.

Hopefully travelling on Christmas day won’t be as terrible as I fear. It should be light,  with people already being at their destination.

FloodCheck update

FloodCheck screenshotGreetings, all! I’ve decided to post my “FloodCheck” application up on Google Code. It provides a nice source repository for version control, as well as a wiki and other features for project development. My goal is to bring more features to the application for a new release before springtime flooding. I haven’t heard if we are going to have epic flooding in the F-M area again this year, but you never know.

Anyways, stay tuned to the Google Code page for more information!

Straightening Up

P1010787.JPGBeing that this is my first weekend in a long time to get some stuff done around the house, I decided to finally move my server/home networking equipment to a new arrangement. About a month ago, I went down to the IKEA store in Minneapolis and picked up 3 of these LACK end tables. They were on sale for $8 each. They’re nothing really that special looking, and are constructed of particle board. The kicker? They are actually the exact width to mount 19″ network hardware in. I thought this would be great! Problem though: I don’t own any 19″ hardware. Dang. Well, I bought them anyway, and simply mounted all of my non-19″ rackmount equipment onto it. And by mount, I mean set..

Here is a list of the hardware that I have here. And yes, they are all named after scientists.

  • Volta – This is the WRT54Gv2 running DD-WRT (of course). It is acting as my router for the network. I was using a smaller HP with pfSense, but that starting having major issues, so I dumped it for the ol’ hardware router. It is also my wifi access point.
  • Coulomb – This is the large HP Compaq desktop that is acting as a server. It is running Debian 5.0 (Lenny) and serves file sharing, print sharing, VPN, and Teamspeak. Specs are a P4 @ 2.8GHz, 1GB DDR SDRAM, 2x 120GB IDE Hard Drives (7200RPM), Gigabit LAN.
  • Marconi – This is the tall device in the back. It is a Cisco Network Media Hub (NMH410) with 1TB of network attached storage. I use this for all of my media storage at home. I plan on purchasing another 1TB drive to create redundancy.
  • Trendnet TEG-S5g – It’s not in the picture, because it’s hiding underneath (as it’s supposed to). It’s a simple 5-port Gigabit switch that I got on sale at Newegg. Though I just noticed…I never got the gift card they said they mailed to me in May for the rebate. Crap.

I hope to eventually recable my desk and associated work area so that it looks like this. No wires showing, mounted power strips, and the like. I also want to create a spare set of cables, so that if I wanted to go to a LAN party, all I would need to do is disconnect the big components (monitor, PC, mouse, keyboard) and take them with, and I would have a fresh set of cables waiting for deployment.

FloodCheck Application

FloodCheck screenshotMy first real useful application, written in C#. It’s a simple program that grabs the latest Red River level and displays it in your system tray. It just sits in the corner, only popping up every hour to notify you of the current level. It can also be shown in a larger display.

There really isn’t much by the way of documentation. Just run the application, and click the “Send to systray” button to minimize the program.

The program is provided AS-IS, with no warranty of any kind. I guarantee nothing.

Download [download id=”747″]

Latest Version: v1.0.3780.14180 (May 8, 2010)

Please post any feedback or feature requests into the comments!

UPDATE: From now on, FloodCheck will have its own page. Click here to redirect!