FloodCheck update

FloodCheck screenshotGreetings, all! I’ve decided to post my “FloodCheck” application up on Google Code. It provides a nice source repository for version control, as well as a wiki and other features for project development. My goal is to bring more features to the application for a new release before springtime flooding. I haven’t heard if we are going to have epic flooding in the F-M area again this year, but you never know.

Anyways, stay tuned to the Google Code page for more information!

A Lack of Twitter

You might have noticed. You might have not cared. You might have been relieved. However you felt, my website has stopped publishing a digest of my weekly “tweets”. Little known fact: I’m still using Twitter.

For some odd reason, the plugin I use with Twitter has stopped working. I’ve tried reinstalling it, reconfiguring it with my Twitter creds, and it still won’t fly. So, I just uninstalled it and left it be. If you’re really interested in what I’m up to, go and follow me on Twitter (lurch89) or just come back here to check on what I’m doing (you STALKER!).

Straightening Up

P1010787.JPGBeing that this is my first weekend in a long time to get some stuff done around the house, I decided to finally move my server/home networking equipment to a new arrangement. About a month ago, I went down to the IKEA store in Minneapolis and picked up 3 of these LACK end tables. They were on sale for $8 each. They’re nothing really that special looking, and are constructed of particle board. The kicker? They are actually the exact width to mount 19″ network hardware in. I thought this would be great! Problem though: I don’t own any 19″ hardware. Dang. Well, I bought them anyway, and simply mounted all of my non-19″ rackmount equipment onto it. And by mount, I mean set..

Here is a list of the hardware that I have here. And yes, they are all named after scientists.

  • Volta –┬áThis is the WRT54Gv2 running DD-WRT (of course). It is acting as my router for the network. I was using a smaller HP with pfSense, but that starting having major issues, so I dumped it for the ol’ hardware router. It is also my wifi access point.
  • Coulomb –┬áThis is the large HP Compaq desktop that is acting as a server. It is running Debian 5.0 (Lenny) and serves file sharing, print sharing, VPN, and Teamspeak. Specs are a P4 @ 2.8GHz, 1GB DDR SDRAM, 2x 120GB IDE Hard Drives (7200RPM), Gigabit LAN.
  • Marconi – This is the tall device in the back. It is a Cisco Network Media Hub (NMH410) with 1TB of network attached storage. I use this for all of my media storage at home. I plan on purchasing another 1TB drive to create redundancy.
  • Trendnet TEG-S5g – It’s not in the picture, because it’s hiding underneath (as it’s supposed to). It’s a simple 5-port Gigabit switch that I got on sale at Newegg. Though I just noticed…I never got the gift card they said they mailed to me in May for the rebate. Crap.

I hope to eventually recable my desk and associated work area so that it looks like this. No wires showing, mounted power strips, and the like. I also want to create a spare set of cables, so that if I wanted to go to a LAN party, all I would need to do is disconnect the big components (monitor, PC, mouse, keyboard) and take them with, and I would have a fresh set of cables waiting for deployment.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • will be going to FSH graduation soon. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon… #
  • its really early, and odd as it sounds, I want to go out to the lake #
  • heading out to the lake for a little while. I just need to get out of town!!! #
  • out at the lake enjoying the tranquility #
  • ahhh time for the morning pager tests and radio checks #
  • back from an early morning run. Guess what, the sun starts coming up right about now. #
  • I made it to 3pm. Now I am tired. #
  • time to recoup some lost sleep. #
  • Maintenance window tomorrow from 6am to noon. Goody. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • geeking out. #
  • Test message from Empathy #
  • is awake due to severe storms. Blarg. #
  • it appears to be very hot outside…yucky… #
  • supposes he should go to work… #
  • wants to go home and play with electronics. #
  • Thundercougarfalconbird #
  • is expecting the trifecta at some point this evening. #
  • will try and keep in mind that 18 is not equal to 20. #
  • I am become Dave, the listener of MPR at work. #
  • should probably make his way toward the parents house. #
  • looks like a storm's a comin….. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • it appears that I don't have any hot water…this is a problem… #
  • this town gets quiet at 1am… #
  • its 82.4 in here, and the AC is broked. Meh. On the plus side: hot water #
  • is done for the evening. Everyone just don't cook with heat overnight. #
  • is NOT taking his pager or radio to work. Let's try again for a full day of work… #
  • "definately feeling agressive tendancies, sir!"…stupid iPod… #
  • getting all prepped for the marathon. Gonna have 4 radios, the main, the backup, the backup's backup, and the backup's backup's spare. Oh, a #
  • its been a LONG day. And I got sunburned… #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • time for finals. One today, one tomorrow, one Wednesday. Then…work? #
  • gets to take a wonderful test this morning…goody… #
  • my right ear appears to have imploded, making me unable to fall asleep #
  • About to head for Minneapolis for the weekend. Stupid rain being all wet and stuff #
  • Mmmmm sandwich #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • anyone else's power go out last night around 1:15am? #
  • early to bed, because sleep keeps getting stolen… #
  • gonna be one of those evenings… #
  • another day, another presentation. And then, some not worrying about stuff! #
  • all I can say is wind + folding table = possible infertility. Mathematically proven. #
  • is just getting back. Went for 3 today. I get paid in thanks, which is worth far more than money. #
  • will be acquiring coffee soon… #
  • supposedly I can always sleep through work tomorrow, okay? hey hey… #
  • might I suggest a quick run out to West Fargo and back. Very scenic on Main Ave. #
  • would I blow everyone's mind if I ate dessert first? #
  • lounging around… #

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