Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • it appears that I don't have any hot water…this is a problem… #
  • this town gets quiet at 1am… #
  • its 82.4 in here, and the AC is broked. Meh. On the plus side: hot water #
  • is done for the evening. Everyone just don't cook with heat overnight. #
  • is NOT taking his pager or radio to work. Let's try again for a full day of work… #
  • "definately feeling agressive tendancies, sir!"…stupid iPod… #
  • getting all prepped for the marathon. Gonna have 4 radios, the main, the backup, the backup's backup, and the backup's backup's spare. Oh, a #
  • its been a LONG day. And I got sunburned… #

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