Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • This is turning out to be a very lazy Sunday #
  • No one expects the Spanish inquisition! #
  • off to try the double down at kfc. let the fatness commense #
  • this sandwich…if you can call it a sandwich…is probably killing me slowly #
  • mmm cherry rc #
  • almost had a 1am run, bloody burned food. #
  • scarily enough, iTunes genius feature works pretty well #
  • was instructed to leave the parking lot, so he did. Did everyone else? No. #
  • time to head for campus I suppose #
  • is back home, after 14 hours out and about #
  • still cleaning up after the McAfee mess… #
  • 18 is clear and out at home #
  • 5am wakeup = blarg… #

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