Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-18

  • meh first day of classes for this semester. Meh, I say. #
  • why on Earth does a story about Hoeven's moustache come up before the Haiti Earthquake??? #
  • is digesting the Olive Garden. #
  • is in his first class of the day. And is hungry. Fiddlesticks. #
  • apparently I missed this one. #
  • just bought a new toy: Zotac MAG-HD-ND01 #
  • Einstein, my first big PC turned server, has died. Motherboard failure or overheated proc. #
  • 1 class, little bit of work, packing, and a drive to Mpls. Oooo boy. #
  • has arrived in Mpls. #
  • dinner hath been ordered…and I want it NOW! #
  • I always tell them, I like toast. #

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