Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-29

  • is seeking a volunteer opportunity that best meets his skills. Electricity need be involved. #
  • has closed all flood-related tabs in FF and is going to bed. #
  • is having issues sleeping. #
  • finds it hilarious that I’m listening to KFGO online…and KFGO’s 2-way radios on the scanner. #
  • wants to help, but doesn’t want to sandbag. #
  • finally went and sandbagged (filled em at the dome) #
  • is, to be honest, in shock. #
  • Why does there have to be a woot-off going on while everything is going wrong? #
  • was a little scared after having to pass a Nat’l Guard Humvee to go help sandbag. #
  • would like to help the red cross/salvation army again. I hope they call. #
  • If you’re just bored, or need some fun: #
  • is going to watch the 8am flood meeting. Let’s hope the mayor doesn’t say anything stupid. #
  • just finished his taxes. And now wants to sleep for some reason. #

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