Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

  • only has 1 final left…on Friday. Begin the slow packing! #
  • rocked 3 b’s so far this semester, lets see what Friday will bring. #
  • wishes he didn’t feel like crap. #
  • has relocated to the restriction free internet at his parent’s house. #
  • is pissed off to no end. #
  • thinks that hearing Cassie say “Are you two married yet?” made his day yesterday. #
  • feel the insanity: #
  • and so begins another day. #
  • RIP laplace. PSU failed, and I can’t replace due to Dell proprietary. Dangit. PC Count: 8 #
  • my left shoulder hurts. That’s probably not a good thing. #
  • is finally sitting down to watch The Tech Guy ( #

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stupidaimspamAlright, I hate spam as much as the next person. But AIM spam? Honestly. After I posted the WootOff entry, I instantly got a message from some random person on AIM telling me that my mother gave them swine flu. I never respond to these (I’ve gotten a couple before) and always block the user afterward.

Anyone else had an interesting spam experience? Leave a note about it in the comments!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

  • should really keep at the homework thing, but finds himself unable. Honestly, I’m sick of school. #
  • Huzzah! Monitor is out for delivery! Hopefully I can snag it today! #
  • “Anyone who can give you orders can stop you from solving whatever problem you’re being fascinated by — and, given the way authoritarian … #
  • is not ready for the speech tomorrow, but somehow will pull it off. Also, I WANT MY MONITOR! #
  • is really annoyed that it’s hard to cite sources in a speech about a topic I’m a professional in. #
  • holy……CRAP….. this thing is amazing. #
  • will soon be out of here, back at home for 2 weeks, and then into an apt…with a 23″ monitor. #
  • could totally use another day to just relax. He also messed up his back…again. #
  • is kinda depressed. #
  • all good things… #
  • just watched Jake run the 5K! #
  • I should get dressed and pack up a box of stuff #

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Fargo Marathon

My brother ran in the Fargo Marathon this morning, in the 5K run. I took some cool video of the start of the full marathon, as well as the start of the 5K run. Enjoy!

This text will be replaced

This is the 5K start.

This text will be replaced

Vigilante Bookstore

If you’re an NDSU student, and don’t want to sell your textbooks back to the NDSU Bookstore, might want to check this out:

Vigilante Bookstore

You probably received an email on it already. It’s run by a couple friends of mine, so yes, your stuff is safe. Encryption nerds.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-03

  • off to work. I pulled another early morning, offset by an early evening. #
  • is experiencing network crappiness. Dangit #
  • asks you to check the number and try again. #
  • is obnoxiously anxious for his apartment. #
  • is being destroyed from the inside out. #
  • will not choose five things that blank. #
  • just bought a $158 23″ monitor. Why? Because I won’t have a TV. #
  • throw’s in the Thursday towel. Now, to Friday and beyond! #
  • my monitor shipped! Dell is pretty quick with these things. Should be here next week just in time for me to be studying. #
  • zombies #
  • I will not go out for food this weekend. I will not go out for food this weekend. #
  • built himself a domain controller. #
  • is sparing a little bandwidth and listening to internet radio #
  • Freaking hilarious: #
  • include(‘procrastination.php’); #

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I found this in one of the gadget blogs. It’s freaking hilarious.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26

  • The tubes seemed to have cleared themselves overnight. Oh, and why am I up at 5:30? The world may never know… #
  • and let’s try going to bed one more time. I’m guessing its not going to work. Silly naps. #
  • really does not enjoy complex power, and Laplace transforms #
  • I gotta admit, I really hate making ethical decisions, as compared to social decisions. #
  • has awesome luck when it comes to picking speech times: dead last AGAIN #
  • thinks if all went well, and this rebate card actually works, is now a member of IEEE #
  • will be going to the cities this weekend. I’ll be eating in Alexandria at about 5:30p. Anyone else venturing down there? #
  • get to ze chopper! #
  • is quite amazed that it was 80 yesterday and 40 today. #
  • would prefer it not rain/snow/sleet/yucky today. I’d like to have a nice drive back. #

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